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This being a new theory, as to how the sun functions there must be questions on your mind. So please don't hesitate to send in your queries and I will answer to the best of my abilitly according to the theory.

Kenneth William Dickman



1.  Hello Ken

I am truly interested in your work. Your site has got great information Please keep writing What is the closest future event that you can predict and how did you get to it.

Fred Dimeck

GDay Fred, this unique branch of sola physics began with the work carried out by John H Nelson as mentioned in the opening pages,

Nelson's findings were proved correct when used to predict radio weather and his success rate for sending shortwave signals was reportedly claimed at the time to be around 75% accurate, when i

discovered his work some 20 years ago i also found those percentages

when used to track energy from the sun that effected not only atmospherics around our earth but events around earth's faultlines as well, then in mid 2005 i discovered the missing pieces that evaded Nelson which i called SER-X at the time ( Sola Electro-magnetic Resonent Cross) and has since been called the (Dickman cross) in recognition of my part in this entirely new solar physics, but getting back to your question the next event with potential will be around 5-7 Dec when Earth intersects the 75 deg arm of the cross and Mercury intersects 165 degree arm of the cross simultainiously, assisted by 8 of Nelson's planets in angular separation. ken.

2.  Jonno here

How did you come to analyse the theory of Tsunami? GDay Jonno, thank you, once my eyes were opend by Nelson's new theory of planetary angular separation ( obtained by subtracting one planets orbital position in degrees around the sun from the others) i found a total of no less than 13 angles on the 24th Dec and as can be seen by the chart Mercury 60 degs Venus 60 degs Earth 60 degs Mars, the harmonics were outstanding at that time, the trigger that set it off was Mercury intersecting the 165 degree arm of the cross, incedently the self same planet and position that triggered Mt Vesuvius (79 AD) and the Sichuan Earthquake( 2008) event in China just prior to the olympics which is proof that the solar system hasn't changed in the last 2000 years. Ken.

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