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Kenneth William Dickman

I spent my childhood on a dairy farm in the state of Victoria Australia

Where the elements loomed large in a young mind in early 1930, and very little else to occupy my thoughts life was monotony with the odd thunder storm to break the PERIODIC Dry!

After spending a fruitful life of study in 1985 came the time for my break through with the world of commerce that gave me the opportunity to pursue a dream of drought prediction. I could not control the weather but will assist the people working the land to have some control over the stocking arrangements, not so much " IF " but when and at what duration a drought would inevitably occur.

After 37 years of research the achievement of successful drought prediction theory emerged with a near complete understanding of how the planets control the sun and how the sun controls the Earth. This scientific breakthrough will change the way we see the sun, especially with the SER-X phenomena revelation.

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