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The Solar Electro-Magnetic Resonant Cross or Dickman Cross as I have called it, provides the key to the timing of major events on Sun and Earth. Planet / Cross alignments together with specific interplanetary angular separations coincided with the seismic events on 24th/26th December 2004, of which the outcome was the Asian Tsunami. Planetary conjunctions also coincided with peak sunspot abundance on the 30th March 2001. Precipitous decay of the giant 1997/8 El Nino in May 1998, and beginning/end (1645/1715) of the last prominent cold period of the Little Ice Age, known as Maunder Minimum could have been potentially caused by this. The Dickman Cross and influential angularities promise to be as revealing for the future as the past, because planetary orbits can be calculated in advance.                                                                                       


How to read the sun:

The concentric circles on this chart begin with the months on the outer circle, then perihelions of planets, the degrees around the sun and then the solar electro-matic resonent cross, (also known as the DICKMAN CROSS) which are four stationary beams of helium @ 75 / 165 / 255 / 345 degrees around the solar equator. Earth intersects each at these specific dates each year, Dec 7 / March 6 /June 6 / September 7. zero degrees 22/23 Sept.

( readings are determined from above

the sun's north pole and in an anti-clock wise rotation)




As Planets orbit the sun they form up into P.A.S.& SER-X ANGLES OF SEPARATION that convert the Hydrogen / Helium Gases Prominent on the SUN to MEV :-( Millions of ELECTRON VOLTS ) forming the Positive / Negative - Solar Wind.

(Complexities of the H @ 13.6 & He @ 25 Ev conversions that form the solar wind are yet to be completely understood) Fluctuations in both the Velocity and Density are many and varied,however on reaching Earth only the Northerly orientated charged particles enter through 4,528 Metre Mt KIRKPATRIC'S oxygen depleted Land Based south pole


Since March 30, 2001 Climate Science in the hallowed halls of

learning has been in turmoil over climate change, but why?

Earth's climate is in a permanent state of change, so why the controversy? We all know just how important the climate is and

this is brought home to us when ice ages descend & whole species disappear under a layer of frozen waste for centuries.

However, this was different say some Climate Scientists who in all sincerity stake their reputation on a MODEL that shows our life style is the cause. First it was EARTH WARMING, then the climate slowed ( the pause ) now it's CLIMATE CHANGE!!! " SO... who is right & who is wrong and Why?


In Page 66, of my PDF:- short and longer-term planetary effects on sun and earth , the abbreviation ( SER-X ) came into being. It stands for:-SOLAR ELECTRO-MAGNETIC RESONENT CROSS, and with it comes a completely NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCIPLINE. (see code for details)

Herewith is the proof of how the planets while in their orbits around a non-revolving Sun, convert it's Helium/Hydrogen to Mev's!.

My hypothesis is that CLIMATE CYCLES are created when planets intersect one of those Helium based SER-X beams @ 90 Degs separation with the planet NEPTUNE causing a 41 year cycle of drought world-wide. NEPTUNES ORBIT is 164.686 Years.

It's orbital eccentricity is 0.009, (almost circular) so we can divide it by 4 to match the STATIONARY SER-X positions = 41 Yrs Approx.

On September 6 - 2018 planet NEPTUNE will intersect the 345 Deg SER-X position. 41 Years ago, it is interesting to note that drought was triggered world-wide. Which, "I believe , was activated by the 255 Deg SER-X position, in living Memory Who could forget the Dustbowl of the 1930s-165 Deg SER-X.


The Little Ice Age mimicked the APHELION / PERIHELION 0.250 eccentricity of planet Pluto's half orbit 123.843 years. The GLEISBERG CYCLE is caused by URANUS @ PERIHELION (84.013 Yrs) 170 Deg intersecting 165 SER-X simultaneously.

The "so called" 11 Yr Cycle of Sunspots can be explained by the fact that Mercury passes Venus 14 times in 5 Yrs 6 Mth 2 wks. If we double this it equates to 11 Yrs 1 Mth precisely."SO "as one can see, there is no mystery in CYCLES if one is privy to all the information in one place


As the North oriented Solar Wind enters the Earth through the South Pole's Oxygen depleted portal, it immediately encounters resistance. This in turn causes heat and so the mantel becomes highly viscous allowing continents to drift apart under high pressure. Acidic sea water enters these now exposed deep-sea vents where an exchange of heat from molten lava forces it upward to form the CLIMATE CONTROLING GULF STREAM. 

CROSS & INFLUENTIAL ANGULARITIES PROMISE to be as REVEALING for the FUTURE as the PAST because PLANETARY ORBITS can be CALCULATED in ADVANCE! Planetary positions are available to access through a free download known as Asynx Planetarium V2. 73 produced by Asnyx software. Positions of Pluto can be located at


Connecting the DOTS

To understand climate variation, you must first familiarise yourself with the principal drivers

of which there are two (2) :-

----- PLANETS & the SUN -------

Results to any investigations depend on utilising proven data to avoid skewing of the outcomes

and ensure scientific truth.

We also require a complete understanding of these drivers:- for example planets vary in size and orbit, their distance from the sun & eccentricity etc.,

We also need to understand how the Dickman Cross (SER-X) is integral. (refer to "CODE"

directly above for guidance)

Earth of course is at the mercy of these drivers and as a result is the recipient of these changes over time.


Here-with are two stunning examples of having NO comprehension of the subject matter!


1. E-P-A (Mainstream Science) Environmnetal Protection Act as featured on Chart to the left outlines a simplistic view of climate being driven by greenhouse, solar variation and reflectivity.

A theory where thermo nuclear fusion reactions drive the sun (where Hydrogen is converted to Helium with heat and nutrinos as by products) is flawed from the start due to the majority of these SUB-ATOMIC particles are




My short answer on this can be outlined through this analogy...It is said that a camel is in fact a horse designed by a politician! It's not the reclaiming of carbon but that of salt mining causing acidification of the Earth.A VERY SORRY PERIOD FOR SCIENCE!


Now, after dispensing with the FAILURES I can introduce S-E-R-X or Dickman Cross, for REAL SCIENCE PRODUCING REAL CLIMATE!!

The gulf stream as we already know is the medium that governs climate. It is well known that when the conveyor stops the world turns cold! Why does it stop and Why does it just as suddenly start up again to expose a herd of wool Mammoths that became entombed in a snow storm centuries before?


As we know the sun is the centre of our solar system & as such it gives off a constant supply of electrical energy in the form of a POSITIVE / NEGATIVLY CHARGED SOLAR WIND. This sends a charge through the Earth's mantel. As friction causes heat the mantel becomes highly viscous. Floating on a sea of lava, the plates are then drawn toward the equator by centrifugal forces, which in turn activates:- earthquakes, volcanoes, hotspots, mid ocean sea floor lava, sea vents and mountain ranges. This spreading then brings to the surface heated, concentrated acidic sea water from those deep under-sea volcanic mid-ocean vents, streaming to the surface (due to temperature). A warm pool is soon established, and the so called "conveyor" is formed, adding to the already warm waters around the equator. These temperatures lead to the formation of hurricanes, tornadoes (anti-clockwise) for the northern hemisphere, and form cyclones (clock-wise) for the southern hemisphere. Temperatures range from :- 27,28,29,30,31,"C ".for Cat # 1,2,3,4,5 respectively

Rivers of warm acidic seawater flowing North & South control the climate of those lands it borders upon, This is known as climate change. Thermo-cycling with the cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctic completes the "conveyor ".


After studying the sun intensely over many years, it was revealed that there is a direct correlation between a planet and specific fixed four

coordinates positioned @ 90 degrees separation around the solar equator, @ ( 75 - 165 - 255 - 345 degrees precisely of which I determined the name SOLAR ELECTRO-MAGNETIC RESONENT CROSS ( SER-X ) or " THE DICKMAN CROSS ". ( A NEW DISCIPLINE )

Long - Term Climate Swings / SERX CONNECTION

I then began to study the affect each of the nine planets (individually) had on the volume of energy being produced by the sun as planets intersected through those 4 SER=X positions. I was able to then (due to the extraordinary increased wattage) determine them to be in the Helium Range that converts gas to Electron Volts: - "H" Hydrogen = 13.6 Ev) where as:- : ("He" HELIUM = 22 Ev") is double, so If my SOLAR VOLTAIC'S PANELS were exposed to ONLY THOSE 4 co-ordinates specifically, the world could be supplied by reflecting satellites with BASE LOAD POWER 24/7.!!!

Solar Variability.


It turns out that each of the nine planets register nine totally different outcomes of influence & energy generation to the SOLAR WIND, which can then be traced back to Earth's fickle climate swings. Mercury orbits the Sun every 88 days ( around 5 Degs per day ) Venus = about 2.5. Earth about 1, On the other end of the scale is Pluto with a huge elliptical 247.686 year orbit. (as I print this on December 11; 2018

this far out Planet is still to complete 1 single orbit of the sun since Captain James Cook sailed up the Eastern Coast of Australia in 1770. I believe " THAT" anniversary has been calculated to have happened around January 3, 2018.

( EXAMPLE ) :- A 41 Year Cycle of World-Wide DROUGHTS.

As Planet Neptune orbits the Sun every 164.793 years its contact with those four fixed SER-X ( when divided by 4) is approx. 41 years. Going back is made simple with droughts appearing both at 41 & 82 years past. Weather was not only affected but there was political upheaval as well. For example reversing the clock politically, we can see Germany's Chancellor rising to dominate world affairs 82 years ago, Now we see 82 years later a similar political event happening in the USA, My hope is that history "this time " does not repeat the years that followed (1936 ).

Another example involves Pluto's orbit @ 0.250 ECCENTRICITY causing dramatic climate swings that take Earth from the maunder minimum "cold period", ( LITTLE ICE AGE )1645 - 1715 to an Earth Warming 1966 - 1986 in 341 years MODERN WARM PERIOD).


Pure speculation on my part is nevertheless opening the door on long term ICE AGES for discussion!!

I put forward the notion that if the three outer planets :- Uranus - Neptune - Pluto by intersecting with the four SER-X stationary co-ordinates of Helium ( He ) @ 25 Ev are the root cause of some medium - term cold conditions on Earth. Subsequently, it makes sense to me, there is the possibility for a potential new planet to exist that is double the distance to that of Pluto and perhaps others at double even that out there,

Foot Note!

While around two thirds of volcano vents are below sea level, the exposed one third show a window to any activity below with some strategically positioned mid ocean sea floor spreading (continental drift). These are further activated by long term slow planets intersecting one of those high energy SER-X positions ( He @ 25 Ev ) @ 90 deg intervals around the Solar Equator.

When Christian ( Western ) Countries went to War on 3rd September 1939 both sides did so in the belief that GOD was on their side!! and consequently often put the supreme one to account ? After Consulting The WORLD WAR 11 ALMANAC , EDITED BY :-



copyright 1981, produced by :- bison book ltd,

4 Cromwell Place London SW7,

< ISBN 0 86827 079 2 >

We find these 4 CRUCIAL EVENTS had a

MAJOR INFLUENCE on the FINAL OUTCOME of the WAR, culminating with the surrender of JAPAN to the ALLIES aboard the U S Battleship Missouri on September 2:1945.


These 4 outstanding events that correlate with the 4 SER-X ( CROSS ) co-ordinates @

90 Degree separation around the SOLAR Equator began with an original order of 600 SPITFIRES following on from the original test results on March 6 ( SER-X ) 1936, well over 2 years before HOSTILLITIES began Sept 1939,

the Super-marine Spitfire Designed by Michael

soon showed it's dominance over the Messersmit 109 especially in the capable Polish hands as members of RAF Squadron 303.

SER-X Co-Ordinate March 6 1936 trials test leading to a 600 unite supply order No 1.


No 2 , By Mid' Summer 1940 it was a numbers game, Germanys superior volume began to overwhelm the RAF, by concentrating on the demolition of Britain's Airfields it was just a matter of time for the invasion to become a reality,

going against general orders a bomb was dropped on London, Churchill immediately retaliated and ordered the RAF to Bomb Berlin, Hitler retaliated in one of his customary rages to forget the Airfields and Bomb London, the September 7 date which also coincided with Earth's 375 degree ( SER-X ) intersection meant devastation of the London Docks and it's population on the one hand, "but" on the other side of the coin it was seen as a gift from God by the RAF, giving them time And space to regroup as a fighting force, that eventually gained overall control that won the BATTLE of BRITAIN.


< This Day Dec 7 : 1941 will be remembered in "IMFAMY" !! United States President Roosevelt on Sneak attack @ Pearl Harbour. >

The similarity between the London Blitz & the Pearl Harbour Disaster is uncanny, here we have what seemed at the time an utter disconnect between a western God & ultimate victory by the sinking of the harboured battle ships, the Japanese attack coincided with the sea trials of America's 4 Aircraft Carriers that eventually went on to defeat the Japanese in the battle of the Coral Sea, " SO " what was it that changed the course of history Devine intervention or pure luck? then why were all those soles sacrificed in the process?


< "OVERLORD" JUNE 6 1944, Known as "D " Day, the Allies Invade the FRENCH COAST. >

June 6 completes the Cross, My Question is WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN ?. FOUR POSITIONS AROUND the SOLAR EQUATOR in the FORM of a CROSS, they Appear to CONSIST of HELIUM GAS.

I believe 2 of them were chosen due to their high tide probability, but as for the others, it's a MYSTORY to be EXPLAINED !!!




24th AUGUST: 79 AD

As described in PLANET EARTH / TIME LIFE's Books there is a record of the HISTORIC VOLCANO VESUVIUS as a " PLINIAN EXPLOSION," an extremely gas-rich, viscous magma type explosive volcano that buried the Cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under 7 meters of ash on the shores of Italy's Bay of Naples. Although it occurred 1,933 years ago, we can use the M P A S = 13 multiplied by the number 4 of S E R X = # 52 intersects method of calculation, which is at the higher end of the scale. We can see precisely how this event, as one of the biggest eruptions in recorded history took place . Chart shows the lingering angles of Pluto and Neptune at 30⁰ and Uranus and Mars at 90⁰ and at perihelion and Mercury at 120⁰ to Jupiter and acting as the trigger by intersecting the 165⁰ SER-X position.



The TAMBORA (Volcano) April 5 : 1815 on the Indonesion Island of Sumbawa.

Time Life / Planet Earth Books inform us that the "TAMBORA" event was heard 1000 miles away from the volcano. 10,000 people were killed at that event outright, while starvation and disease accounted for another 82,000 souls.


To find out why this major geoligical catastrophy occured we must consider the correlation between the astrophysical events leading up to such a disaster. We have already seen what preceded the Vesuvius event of 13 MPAS X 4 SERX = # 52, this event had a larger number of 13 MPAS X 5 SERX = # 65, so it's no wonder the dust from the explosion plunged the Earth into a double winter that caused world-wide starvation in 1916. When we actually consult the chart, the planets tell the story. In the first instance, it shows a perfect cross with 5 planets intersecting SERX positions simultaneously and again Mercury appears to have been the trigger as it passed through the 75 Deg position and perihelion simultaneously. Earth was 90 degrees away intersecting the 165 deg beam with a triple connection with pluto 180 degs and Neptune / Mars 90 deg combination. Moon Positions: - New Moon April 8th



26 - 27August 1883

In 1883, 68 years after Tambora, came another Indonesian disaster in the Sunda Strait on the Island of KRAKATOA, and as described in Time Life books, it was another geological catastrophe. As with the previous eruption, the 130 foot Seismic waves took a heavy toll of life on the surrounding densely populated islands of Sumatra and Java with estimated 36,000 casualties. Answers to why this particular event happened when it did, we look again to the sun and planets. By comparison we see the number of planets involved were down, so now when multiplied PAS by SER-X we see a much lower # 33 reflected in the amount of damage inflicted at the time. Again we see Mercury as the trigger, we also see a line- up of 4 planets evenly spaced within 15 degrees. Mercury approached at 180⁰ straight through the center of the sun and described in Time Life, explosion after explosion occurred, as Mercury moves at 5⁰ a day, the intensity builds each time an alignment occurs. 




As we now move forward another 97years to the first of our modern-day events. MT ST HELENS USA saw the attendance of many Volcanologists to what Time Life described as the 'fire mountain' and those who did not heed the warning, perished alongside the very beautiful Spirit Lake. Again the 11 PAS X 3 SERX intersects = # 33 reflected the low death toll on MAY16:1980 of 60 souls.Once again Planet Mercury acted as trigger to set the timing of this first of two (almost twin) events of MT PINATOBO eleven years later in the Philippines. We see again the familiar one sided cluster of outer planets with mercury aligning at 180⁰ straight through the center of the sun to Neptune at SER-X 255⁰ and 90⁰ SER-X to Saturn at 165⁰ and perihelion simultaneously. Moon Position: New Moon 14th.



il at low latitudes!.In March 1989 Hydro-Quebec experienced a power-out, it left 6 Million People in Quebec ProSolar Storms can cause Power Grids to fail at low latitudes!.In March 1989 Hydro-Quebec experienced a power-out, it left 6 Million People in Quebec Province without power for 9 or more hours. At the same time as the power failed the sun was experiencing a solar storm and it doesn't take that much imagination to tie these two seemingly unconnected events together.The results of the power failure are well documented but how do these solar storms occur and can we predict when these inconvenenses are most likley to eventuate? So returning to the date in question to study where the planets were relative to each other PAS 12 plus SERX 2 = #24, again we see Mercury causing the trouble,please refer to the diagram for details, we see Pluto at PERIHELION (A - 248 year event) we also see a cluster of outer planets with 5 degree angles separating them,

Mercury, shifting positions at 5 degrees per day passed between Uranus and the sun 7th March, then aligned 180 degrees to Mars (straight through the Sun) 8th March, between Saturn and the sun on the 9th and between Neptune and the Sun on March 10.vince without power for 9 or more hours. At the same time as the power failed the sun was experiencing a solar storm and it doesn't take that much imagination to tie these two seemingly unconnected events together.The results of the power failure are well documented but how do these solar storms occur and can we predict when these inconvenenses are most likley to eventuate? So returning to the date in question to study where the planets were relative to each other PAS 12 plus SERX 2 = #24, again we see Mercury causing the trouble,please refer to the diagram for details, we see Pluto at PERIHELION (A - 248 year event) we also see a cluster of outer planets with 5 degree angles separating them, Mercury, shifting positions at 5 degrees per day passed between Uranus and the sun 7th March, then aligned 180 degrees to Mars (straight through the Sun) 8th March, between Saturn and the sun on the 9th and between Neptune and the Sun on March 10.

Moon Position: New Moon 7th



ACTIVITY March 30: 2001.

According to NASA SpaceWeather Site, 352 Sunspots were seen on the face of the sun that day and what did the planets have to do with such an outcome? Firstly, there were 10 PAS multiplied by 2 SERX = # 20, not a high number, one would think compared with the outcome that is, however, if we study it closely we find the 2 planets holding SERX positions are the giant planet Jupiter and 180⁰ straight through the center of the Sun is the slowest planet Pluto. This is an extremely rare event The trigger on the day was Venus moving between Earth and the Sun and we also see harmonics at play here. Mercury moved to a position of 15⁰ to Neptune, while Jupiter's shift to 76⁰ opened a 15⁰ gap to Saturn.

Moon Position: New Moon 24th.



 December 26: 2004

When it comes to destruction and loss of life over a wide area this event has but few comparisons, 250.000 dead and1.7million homeless and traumatized.

Analyzing the Sun and planets, I found a total of 13 PAS by 2 SERX = #26 with the same planet Mercury at 165⁰ triggering this and the Mt Vesuvious event 1,925 years ago (status quo). I also found HARMONICS in the mix as well with Mercury/Venus 60⁰ Venus/Earth 60⁰ Mars/Earth 60⁰ plus a full Moon.

Next, please go to FUTURE EVENTS for more.

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