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In the past science has made many monumental mistakes!!

For instance, we were told back then:

  • That the Sun orbited the Earth
  • That the Earth was flat
  • There was no continental drift

Now they are telling us:

  • That a meteorite killed the Dinosaurs
  • That man controls Earth's climate ie:- (climate change)
  • That the sun is a thermonuclear fusion reactor.
  • That hydrogen is converted to helium
  • That the Sun spins on its axis
  • That the sun is hot.

So! What are WE to believe NOW ? ALL, SOME or NONE!

CONFUSED? Then READ ON and discover how our solar system runs on electricity!

This page identifies the six components in a process that converts the hydrogen / helium (dominant in the sun) into electrical energy MeV's (Millions of electron Volts, see binding energy for details), while distributing it around the solar system via the solar wind. It is simultaneously being absorbed first by the planets, then returned back to the sun, via specific PAS, (Planetary Angular Separation) whenever and as angles between planets become harmonically compatible, see diagrams below for details.

Please scroll down to the NELSON THEORY and, proposed revelation for BASE LOAD POWER from the SUN 24/7! 



ZERO KELVIN = (- 273 C)




Note = 10 planet line up allowing energy to equalize by flowing back to the sun


With an evenly balanced ten planet system and a stable climate, support for mega flora and fauna was assured.

If this was the case...what did kill off the dinosaurs 90,000,000 years ago?

The speculators have their money on the 'Asteroid Theory', while others are skeptical of how a system could permanently change almost overnight and plunge what was in most respects, a perfect world, into a broad intercontinental mass killing field, by the action of a rock from outer space entering Earth's atmosphere, to disintegrate high

above the ground and then disappear without a trace. 



On January 1st 1801 at Palermo Father Giuseppe Piazzi found the position of the new planet slotted in exactly with Bode's law on planetary positioning.



Suggesting this theory is new could be considered questionable given its genesis began with Wolf (1741) and then Titius dusted it off again in (1772) combining with Bode to bring it into Law (1778). Long before the outer planets were located these Astronomers found a gap in the planet line up which was finally filled with the discovery of a minor planet CERES on January 1 1801 at Palermo by Father Giuseppe Piazzi. This minor planet slotted in exactly with the Bode / Titius law of planetary positioning. (Please refer to Diagram E regarding Bodes Law). My new, or is it old theory, suggests we go back in history not just to 1801 but all the way to the Jurassic Era 90,000,000 years ago, where a ten planet well balanced system operated smoothly, just as it was originally designed to function in the beginning.

The introduction of a tenth planet " POSIDEN " midway between Jupiter and the Sun would understandably be subjected to gravitational forces from the Sun plus four inner planets on the one hand, and the combined influence of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto on the other, not forgetting of course it's twin planet "Ceres" still in orbit @ 2.8 AU (astro-units, Earth 1 AU). Then what could have occurred 90 million years ago that simultaneously converted a Planet into Asteroids, and brought about permanent major geological and atmospheric changes to the whole Solar System ?

           PLANETARY ANGULAR SEPARATION                               



Prior to 1948 short wave radio communications suffered from signal disruption under certain sunspot conditions. Four years on electrical engineer, John H Nelson(1948-1952) finally overcame the problem by matching the angles between the planets with apropriate wavelengths four hours in advance, known as PAS (Planetary Angular Separation)

See helio-centric chart for details. Angles are those which are able to divide up equally (Harmonic Numbers) into the 360 degree circle. 


Nelson's method realized a success rate of around 75%, the remaining 25% (SER-X) that finally cracked the Sun's code had to wait another 52 years before it was revealed publicly in the University of Hull's E and E Publication Volume 17 # 1 - 2006. "Short and Longer-Term Planetary Effects on Sun and Earth"

For more on Cycles, read an Interview by Edward R Dewey / Cycles December 1968 on forcasting Radio weather with John H Nelson. 

 More on Kenneth William Dickman's Theory

Now known as the DICKMAN CROSS (SER-X)   

 Solar Electro-Magnetic Resonant Cross

The Sun is basically HYDROGEN , interrupted by four HELIUM beams, permanently stationed at 90ᵒ intervals around the Solar Equator, intersected by each planet at ever-widening influence as the outer Planets make contact.

E.g. While nearest to the Sun planet Mercury's contact is @ 1 degree and distant planet Pluto is @ 15 to 20 degrees approximately (depending on Orbital Position) perihelion 15 degrees aphelion 20 degrees) all planets in between, make contact on individual time scales depending on their size and distance out from the Sun.

E.g. Planet Mercury one hour, planet Earth one day while outer planet Pluto can take years to clear the beams influence. Earth intersects each beam within a day or so of these dates annually, Dec 7th - March 6th - June 6th -Sept 7th, revealing of course that the SUN must be stationary and shows one face to the Galaxy, as the Moon similarly shows one face to Earth.

    SER-X MODEL Proposed Base Load Power Supply from the SUN 24/7 


Solar Energy is free directly from the sun but has its limitations, however I have discovered what could be an unlimited source of solar power in the form of four points of high energy which I believe to be He ( Helium ) also from the sun, not just during sunlight hours but PERMANENTLY available as a base-load, please refer to model at left.


In degrees, these four points do not vary from year to year and could be considered permanent fixtures. I have checked their positions back as far as 79 AD and they were there then as they are now at 75 / 165 / 255 / and 345 Degs. Earth intersects each in their turn around the same date each year give or take a few hours on the 7th Dec, 6th Mar, 6th Jun and 7th Sept respectively.


Whereas the current setup converts energy from H (Hydrogen) @ the rate of 13.6 E V

(Electron Volts), H (Helium) on the other hand is loaded with twice the energy and is rated at 25 EV (Electron Volts).


I have identified what could be the EARTH'S SAVIOR in terms of reliable base load power for ever more. The supply is there but the big question is, can our technological experts meet that challenge?.

Proposal: please see MODEL:- To launch four collector/deflectors out from Earth and into stationary positions in a line with the beams/ Earth/ deflector, in order to deflect the energy back to earth constantly 24/7.

 Binding Energy ( H = 13.6 Ev ) x ( He = 25 Ev ) = MEV. (Millions of Electron Volts)


These 2 charts must be taken account of to successfully carry out any work in the field of astronomy. Orbital periods contribute to climate cycles.

Bode's Law shows the balancing act played out by the Planets in control of energy flowing around the Solar System then back to the Sun.



As the diagram to the left explains, the planets are floating in a sea of plasma produced by the sun's electro-magnetic field. As the planets orbit the sun they form up into angles of separation (Refer to Daigram:Planetary Angular Separation)

Whenever harmonic angles occur the energy stored within the planets is freed to flow back to the Sun, where the conversion of Hydrogen and Helium Gas to electrical energy occurs (MEVs, Binding Energy)

Releasing Energies within the 10 centimetre Flux range and 10-1024 .

Plus Audio frequencies in the range of 1010 - 1014 producing.= POWER & TELEPHONE - RADIO WAVES - MICROWAVES - INFRARED -(visible light ) ULTRA VIOLET XRAYS/GAMMER                            

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